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Chicken Tikka Shawarma

  My daughter loves Chicken Tikka and she loves Chicken Shawarma as well. So I thought why can I create a new dish Chicken Tikka Shawarma and I made it and it turns out really tasty. Who loves Indian food and Arabic food its a combination of 2 different varieties in one.   Total Time: 40 minutes Preparation Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes Serve: 12   For Chicken Tikka Marinade: Ingredients: …

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Italian Sea Bass

This recipe has an interesting story. When we traveled to Venice in 2017, we tried this Sea Bass fish in a restaurant and my husband really loved it. Then we travelled back to Dubai and he challenged me to try and match the taste of that super delicious Sea Bass. I happen to have a gift , i.e once l…

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Egg Kheema

There is a reason I've chosen to write this as my first recipe on this blog. This recipe brings nostalgic feelings as we've been having this for breakfast for nearly as long as I've been married. I've taught this recipe to all of our chefs who've worked at our home to cook it for my husband so that I can…

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