Visit To The Emirates Bio Farm

I visited the Emirates Bio Farm today with my family and friends. The weather was beautiful and rainy. It was an hour and a half from my house. The drive was really nice. I was excited to see different kinds of plants. The owner took us around in a tractor and followed by a walk. The organic farm was divided into sections. He taught us how to pluck onions, we need to twist and pull them carefully. Then we saw potatoes, zaatar leaves, watermelon, celery, spring onions, beetroot and purple cabbage.
Finally, at the end of the tour, we went on a hill, there was a tent for a picnic and overnight camping. We had different kinds of tea – Zaatar tea, Sulemani tea, and Arabic kava and we were served freshly grilled veggie potatoes, onion, beetroot, and carrots.
They also have a greenhouse and use chicken droppings as natural fertilizer for their soil. I loved the visit to the farm. Kids enjoyed plucking veggies and roots.
It was refreshing to see such a unique natural concept in UAE where we could harvest our own vegetables and then buy them at a very reasonable price. Nea enjoyed harvesting potatoes the most.
More recipes using these natural organic ingredients to follow.

Stay tuned…